The Matsuura Laboratory, established in April 2012, aims to "create biological systems through chemistry" using organic chemistry, peptide chemistry, nucleic acid chemistry, and intermolecular interaction analysis. For example, we are creating nanocapsules like viral capsids by self-assembly of synthetic peptides. We are also challenging the creation of artificial dynamic nanomaterials with microtubules and "molecular cybernetics. Why don't you join us and open up a new field of chemistry?

Matsuura Laboratory is widely recruiting students who wish to enroll in Master's and Doctor's course programs.

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News & Topics

Assoc. Prof. Inaba was awarded the "2023 Tottori University Scientific Research Achievement Award".
At the graduation thesis presentation, B4 Hayakawa, Wada, Watanabe, Tateishi, and Nakamura won the Excellent Presentation Award!
Web publication
Book "Peptide Self-Assembly and Engineering: Fundamentals, Structures, and Applications" (Wiley-VCH), in which Professor Matsuura wrote Chapter 8, was published.
At the master's thesis hearing, M2 Sakaguchi, Hirahara, Kageyama and Susami won the Excellent Presentation Award!
Web publication
"Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins Vol. 45" (RSC book), edited by Dr. Ryadnov and Prof. Matsuura was published